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My Dear Readers, you must know the problems and challenges that students often have to face during their academic careers. Just like most of the students, I stressed over challenging assignments and tight deadlines. I knew that writing for academic purposes demanded finesse and skill. Academic writing not just demanded superior language skills, but also required a thorough knowledge of diction, tone, and grammar. Therefore, I looked for a budget-friendly and easier way to accomplish my academic goals. It was the time when I turned to an academic writing service for the first time. After ordering my first paper, I turned to various essay writing services and ordered many papers. As I became well-versed in academic writing, I started working as a freelance writer for some popular essay writing companies. I realized the nuances of custom essay writing services because of my experience as a customer and my knowledge as a freelance writer. After becoming well acquainted with the various essay writing companies, I gained a thorough knowledge of how many companies’ scammed students and were involved in malpractices.

As I have been a student myself, and have suffered from various challenges that most students have to experience, I consider it my duty and moral obligation to provide insights to the students so that they could avoid getting scammed during their most challenging times. The easiest way to make my knowledge and insights public are through their website. I developed this website as a platform to share my knowledge and experience of the essay writing services and also encourage others to share their views as well. I want to facilitate others in sharing their experiences to benefit the student community.

My reviews are based on the research. We thoroughly investigate the companies and also avail of their services to gain first-hand experience. Our reviews are authentic because they are based on the services provided by the companies. By becoming the clients of the essay writing companies, we provide you with knowledge of our experience with their services. After completing the investigation, we come up with the ratings and reviews.

By placing test orders with different essay writing services, we get an idea of the quality of their services. We provide you with unbiased ratings based on genuine experience. We do not leave any room for doubts or speculations. We give honest opinions regarding their services and recommend the most popular essay writing services. We also highlight the signs of scams and fraud and encourage you to provide us with your feedback. We take your feedback and complaints seriously.

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