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Overall Rating - 5/5

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Moving from general English to academic English writing can present new challenges for students. Students experience academic writing challenges pertaining to content, organization, academic vocabulary, genre awareness, research papers, grammar and mechanics, and citing and referencing sources. The challenges don’t end here. The students use various coping strategies to overcome the challenges of academic writing. These strategies include peer feedback, teacher feedback, Writing Center feedback, library resources, and technological tools, etc. The students need more support, guidance, and effective use of resources to overcome the academic writing challenges. One of the most effective methods to overcome and ease the academic writing challenges is to use the academic writing services. AssignmentMavens is a professional company that provides academic writing services to students across the world. Now the students do not need to look anywhere except seek the services of assignmentmavens.

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Assignmentmavens is a professional academic writing company that provides quality contents at affordable prices. Students encounter various difficulties related to different aspects of academic writing. They lack language skills, academic writing skills, and source managing skills. Assignmentmavens provides a solution to every academic writing challenge that students experience. The company has hired professional writers with superior linguistic abilities and grammatical skills. They deliver outstanding papers guaranteed to impress the clients. The company ensures to maintain quality of the content while keeping the costs down.

To know more about assignmentmavens, please keep on reading our review.

icon Pros and Cons

  • Superior quality content
  • Helpful customer care department 24/7
  • Professional writers
  • Timely delivery
  • Zero tolerance for plagiarism
  • Credible sources
  • Reliable services
  • No hidden charges
  • Excessive content on website

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Whether client have urgent deadlines or have multiple assignments, writing and delivering academic essays is never a simple task. The research, writing and editing takes all the time of students. However, students can forget about their worries, and buy academic papers online. has been providing quality academic services to hundreds of clients and, in return, has garnered positive reviews on Reddit. Clients have given the company five star ratings on different online platforms. The professional writers in the company understand the value of students’ time and the critical importance of good grades in their academic careers. Therefore, the professional writers at the company invest time and effort in creating outstanding papers.

Assignmentmavens Reviews

Assignmentmavens provides quality content. Its team of professional writers deliver outstanding papers within the deadlines specified by the clients. The professional writers at are experts in their respective subjects. They are aware of the writing conventions and vocabulary of these subjects. They deliver academic and technical content in a clear, concise, and focused manner because of their dedication and hardwork, has earned an excellent reputation online. This is demonstrated through online testimonials and reviews of their satisfied clients on Reddit.

icon Guarantees

Assignmentmavens is a client oriented company. The company prioritizes client’s need to get quality work over everything else. Therefore, to ensure client satisfaction, the company provides certain guarantees.

  • 100 percent money-back guarantee: The company provides its clients a facility of requesting for a refund if the clients think that the quality is not up to their standards.
  • 100 percent confidentiality: The company’s staff is prohibited to share or reveal any information pertaining to clients as they are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

icon Type of Services

The company provides almost every type of writing service. Some of the primary services offered by the company include:


Assignment Writing

Research Paper Writing


Homework Assignments

Term Papers

Paper Formatting

Cover Page

Other Services



PowerPoint Presentations

Thesis Writing

Business Proposals



All paper types

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Assignmentmavens has a hassle free and simple ordering process. It is a quick process with takes only a few minutes.

Sign Up

Create an account with Assignmentmavens and
fill the order form.

Fill Out Details

You must mention complete details and guidelines about the
assignment and share complete
order details.

Pay For Your Paper

You have to pay for the order

icon Prices and Fees

Assignmentmavens offers quality writing services at reasonably low prices. The company is aware that students want to keep their costs and expenses at minimum. Therefore, the company provides value for money. The company delivers top quality papers at the best prices that won’t put a burden on students’ pockets. The company charges reasonable fees from the clients and provides an online calculator so that the clients can calculate prices before placing orders.

No. Service Price / Unit
1 Writing from $9 (275 words)
2 Editing from $4.50 (275 words)
3 Proofreading from $3.60 (275 words)
4 Re-writing from $9 (275 words)
5 Problem Solving Based on Requirements

icon Paper Quality

At Assignmentmavens, the professional writers are well versed in academic content. They are aware of academic content's unique style, tone, language, and structure. The experts at assignment mavens provide well-written academic papers containing facts, logic, and reasoning. These writers are expert at delivering any type of academic content that ranges from academic articles to experiment reports to scientific papers to research theses. The writers write academic content while keeping the reader’s interest and level of understanding in mind. They provide decent content that does not solely rely on good vocabulary and exceptional grammar. Their content includes images, graphical representations, and other illustrations based on clients’ guidelines. The content provided by the company’s writers holds instructors’ and reviewers’ attention. They deliver concise and well-organized content. Another quality of the content provided by the company is that it is written in an unbiased manner when it comes to ideas and theories.

icon Customer Support

The company has an exceptional customer support system. The customer support agents are trained in a way that they provide courteous and timely support to the clients. They approach the clients as soon as the clients visit that company website. The support agents inquire clients about what they are looking for and provide them support accordingly. The customer support agents are trained and have complete knowledge of company’s policies and processes. Therefore, they provide efficient guidance to the clients without wasting their time.

icon Offers and Extra Services

Assignmentmavens is one of the top academic writing companies in the industry. The company has earned its reputation by providing services at low prices. Another thing that makes the company stand apart from its competitors is the valuable add-ons and offers that the company provides its clients. The company offers various attractive discounts to its clients as well as add-ons free of cost. Some add-ons include Plagiarism Reports, Cover Pages, Periodic Email Alerts, Paper Formatting and Outlining, etc. make the company stand out among its competitors.

Frequently Asked

Is Assignmentmavens Legit?

Yes, absolutely the company is legitimate. This can be proven by its clients’ testimonials. More than 95 percent of the clients have given the company a five star rating that leaves no room for doubt regarding company’s legitimacy.

Is Assignmentmavens Reliable?

Yes, the company is completely reliable. The positive reviews given by the clients have one thing in common. That is its every client is satisfied with the content delivered to them. It shows that company takes client satisfaction seriously. None of the reviews show that the clients have any quality concerns.

Is Assignmentmavens Good?

Yes. The company’s academic writers try to deliver quality content based on the clients’ guidelines. The company ensures quality and also provides money-back guarantee to the clients. The clients can ask for as many revisions as they want to ensure quality.

Assignmentmavens Writers

The writers at assignmentmavens are dedicated, learned, and thoroughly professional. They all are also Ph.Ds. These writers are experts in delivering lengthy papers in a matter of a few hours. They write excellent research papers that are built on several useful citations. The writers strive to increase the credibility of the papers while making them interesting for the readers. They also avoid plagiarism in every case.

Is Assignmentmavens a Scam?

The company is completely legitimate and is not a scam. Countless clients have given the company stellar reviews on different online platforms. Also, the money-back guarantees provide assurance that the company is not interested in profit making, but it aims to provide exceptional academic writing services.

Latest AssignmentMavens
Community Reviews

Work done by the previous expert

Posted by Martin bailey,
about AssignmentMavens

Being an engineering student, I have been ordering from them for the last 6 months. I am well satisfied with the services, especially the policy of deciding your expert. I always have my work done by my previous expert.

star star star star star
Easy notifications through emails

Posted by Liam jacob,
about AssignmentMavens

I was worried about my order because the deadline was near. Fortunately, they updated me via email and made me calm down. Thank you guys, huh!

star star star star star
Fastest order placement

Posted by Mary George,
about AssignmentMavens

I am an intermediate student of science and I have ordered first time from assignmentmavens. I am amazed by their easy order placement technology.

star star star star star
Responsible & helping manager

Posted by Isaac tucker,
about AssignmentMavens

When I first went to assignmentmavens, I was a bit confused but the manager understood my thoughts and elaborated to me all their services. He is a very nice man indeed.

star star star star star
Reward for previous clients

Posted by Bruce franklin,
about AssignmentMavens

I had heard assignmentmavens reviews about their special care for their regular clients. That's why I tried them and they gave me bonus points for my next order . This is awesome!

star star star star star
Loyalty bonus is love!

Posted by Sophie evans,
about AssignmentMavens

As you know students love discounts and bonuses also, students are one who take services for their work so assignmentmavens loyalty program is a blessing for students like me.

star star star star star
Charge free call back service

Posted by Jessica tom,
about AssignmentMavens

The website of assignmentmavens is the best in terms of their services and customer care response, they even call you back without asking for a charge. That's outstanding!

star star star star star
Work by your trusted expert

Posted by Adams harvard,
about AssignmentMavens

What a policy! They offer the opportunity to have your work done by your last expert if you're satisfied with them. It is an exceptional feature in my opinion.

star star star star star
Exclusive referral discounts

Posted by Melinda lawrence,
about AssignmentMavens

I had read assignmentmavens reviews about their discount offers but this one has astonished me. They reward their clients for bringing in customers and I have got it too. Thanks to the team!

star star star star star
Payment processing system issue

Posted by Fiona peter,
about AssignmentMavens

The technical team resolved my payment processing issue. I was trying to pay but was entering the wrong details by mistake. They rectified the issue and guided me.

star star star star star
Free work templates

Posted by Nikki muldoon,
about AssignmentMavens

I am an artist by profession and consulted assignmentmavens for my master's program. I was amazed by their free-of-charge sample policy because even I don't show my samples to my clients. They are very confident indeed.

star star star star star
Dedicated CS team

Posted by Richard parker,
about AssignmentMavens

The team of assignmentmavens shows dedication towards their work. They never leave any loophole when handling my work. This makes them a strong team.

star star star star star
Price negotiation as per the orders

Posted by Gerremy ross,
about AssignmentMavens

Extremely nice work with negotiable prices. They charge according to your work. It's a fair enough thing in my opinion. Well done!

star star star star star
Direct dealing with experts

Posted by Thomas Hicks,
about AssignmentMavens

I had read assignmentmavens reviews that they allow their clients to have a conversation with their experts about their order. It impressed me and I opt for their services.

star star star star star
Tremendous QA department

Posted by Martin bell,
about AssignmentMavens

I am a graphic designer and I want perfection in my work. I ordered them after I read assignmentmavens reviews and found it right because their quality assurance department has maintained their standard.

star star star star star
Faulty order was placed

Posted by Anderson black,
about AssignmentMavens

I was checking out the order mechanism and placed an order by mistake. The order was empty. I contacted the team and they deleted the order from their backend.

star star star star star
Correct order status updates

Posted by Safa usman,
about AssignmentMavens

I have been a victim of wrong information about my orders and I was think something like this may happen with my order on assignmentmavens but they proved me wrong and updated me correctly via emails. They're very honest team I must say.

star star star star star
Quick order placement

Posted by Shrutti hasan,
about AssignmentMavens

I am pleased by their fastest order placement procedure. It saved my precious time. All the assignmentmavens reviews are authentic.

star star star star star
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